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Healthy Digestive Tract for Optimal Endurance

Healthy digestive tract is very influential on good endurance. Gastrointestinal conditions will support a good immune system. From a health journal, regarding the connection of the digestive system and the immune system by Vighi et al. (2008) published in the British Society for Immunology, it is known that natural immune cells live in a healthy digestive tract, and represent nearly 70% of the entire immune system. When the digestive tract is healthy, the stomach feels comfortable. Nutrition absorption will take place properly, the metabolism is smooth, the body gets protection, and the mood will be maintained. Gastrointestinal Influence on Endurance It is possible that you did not realize before that the digestive tract affects the immune system of children. The condition of the intestine is closely related to the natural immune system. Good bacteria in the intestines protect intestinal conditions and maintain digestive health. If this function does not work properly, then the
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Beware of Smelly Baby Farts that Need to be Checked by a Doctor

Smelly baby farts are generally caused by the type of food they consume. Although it is normal, there are times when the smell of farts is a sign of other possible disorders. Pay attention to when you need to get your baby checked if the farts smell. Fart is a gas produced by normal bacteria in the baby's intestines, as well as bile released by the liver. Babies can pass gas at least 13-21 times a day because they are also more likely to swallow air. Babies can accidentally swallow gas when crying, suckling, drinking from a bottle, to suck a pacifier. Gas that is trapped in the stomach will be released in the form of farts and can also pass through belching. In the first four months, babies are prone to colic which is characterized by babies crying for more than 3 hours for more than 3 days a week, and lasting for more than 3 weeks. In this condition, the baby will swallow more air because of frequent crying, which then makes it fart more often. Smelly Baby Fart The smell of

Leg aches can be overcome with a simple way

Leg aches can cause discomfort. Not surprisingly, people try various ways so that the aches that are felt can gradually disappear. These complaints are often experienced due to various things, ranging from activities, body position, to worn footwear. Muscular stiffness after exercise or lifting heavy weights, can cause leg aches. Causes of sore feet also include sitting or standing for too long. This causes interference with the flow of blood vessels in the legs. Besides the lack of fluid intake and poor nutrition can also affect the leg muscles easily experience complaints such as aches and cramps. Home Care If you feel leg aches, there are actually a few simple ways you can do at home to help relieve the condition. Rest Rest by lying down or straightening the legs. If possible, position your feet higher than the head. Lift or prop up with a pillow. Stretching and massage To relieve the aches of the feet you feel, you can stretch and gently massage the feet until the disco

What Are the Benefits of Music in Pregnancy

Many assumptions are circulating in the community that music for pregnant women has various benefits. In fact, it is not uncommon to think that one particular type of music can make a fetus more intelligent later. Pregnant women who intend to do this kind of stimulation, you should do it more wisely. Until now, experts have not been able to prove that playing music to the fetus can make it smarter. Although on the one hand, pregnant women who listen to music are recognized to be more relaxed and easier to sleep. Exciting stimulus The music can affect someone, including pregnant women. A study conducted in Germany revealed that the response shown by pregnant women was stronger for music that was played compared to non-pregnant women. The researchers concluded, music is a significant stimulus in pregnancy, possibly caused by high estrogen levels at this time. These hormones affect the brain's pleasure when listening to music. Another researcher said that music is beneficial f

Don't Worry When Baby Hiccups, This Is the Way to Overcome It

As with other babies, hiccups on babies can look cute and adorable. Hiccups in babies are generally not dangerous, even one of the signs of normal conditions in infant growth. However, hiccups in infants should not be allowed to drag on. In newborns up to one year of age, hiccups are very common. In fact, hiccups can be experienced by babies since they are still in the womb. Like adults, hiccups in infants are due to interference with the diaphragm, the muscles that help the breathing process. In babies, hiccups are generally caused by eating too much or too fast, and swallowing a lot of air. In addition, hiccups can also be caused by changes in temperature in the stomach. Do This When the Baby Hiccups The following are some steps you can take when your child is experiencing hiccups: Carry your little one upright for about 20 minutes. Then shake the body slowly or rub the chest gently. When breastfeeding try to tilt the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees so that the air rises to